Our Story

about the equity task force

The Equity Task Force works to advance transformative policy to make Houston a more equitable city. We work with local government and community organizations to provide insight and recommendations that:
  1. improve economic outcomes and quality of life for traditionally marginalized populations,
  2. increase civic participation across communities, and
  3. help local government maximize their ability to provide critical city services and programming.
Our work is grounded in sound policy research and rooted in the current political and financial realities of Houston.

We use a gender- and racial-equity lens to ensure that we address the struggles faced by women and people of color.

We also hope to enlist Houstonians from all walks of life to use our work to engage in a public dialogue about the prioritization of our tax dollars and our shared responsibility to take action in creating a fair, equitable, and thriving city where we can all benefit from Houston’s growth and economic power.